Day 29 – Watercolor a day

November 2, 2015 Tracy 0

“Purple Tulip” – flowers are such beautiful natural things. I like painting flowers because it allows me to explore a lot of color combinations that […]

Day 28 – Watercolor a day

November 1, 2015 Tracy 0

“Singing Together” – this is a celebration of the birds singing together. I wanted to do more silhouette work with simple birds. I was also […]

Day 27 – Watercolor a day

October 31, 2015 Tracy 0

“Going Somewhere” – a railroad track without a certain beginning or end. Admittedly, this took a bit more than 15 minutes but mostly because of […]

Day 26 – Watercolor a day

October 30, 2015 Tracy 0

“Dance silhouette” – silhouette of a girl dancing with much love I was working on sketching silhouettes, as they capture a lot of movement and […]

Day 25 – Watercolor a day

October 29, 2015 Tracy 0

“Unique Birds” – each of these birds has its own personality, color, shape, and size. I saw something similar on Pinterest and really liked the […]

Day 24 – Watercolor a day

October 28, 2015 Tracy 0

“Joyful Sunflower” – so many bright and vibrant colors and shapes to a sunflower. I first sketched this in pencil and worked on adding many […]

Day 23 – Watercolor a day

October 27, 2015 Tracy 0

“Elegant Violin” – violins have a beautiful sound and an artistic look to them. This started as a pen sketch.  I started adding vines and […]

Day 22- Watercolor a day

October 26, 2015 Tracy 0

“Lighted Rose” – a rose that is capturing the light of the sun. I was playing with lighting and fading the painting into the light. […]

Day 21- Watercolor a day

October 25, 2015 Tracy 0

“Blue waves” – radiating color and shape I wanted to play with making ribbons and fading color.  I also was interested in how difficult hearts […]

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