Day 45 – Watercolor a day

November 18, 2015 Tracy 0

“Happy Dragonfly” – dragonflies have such delicate wings and lovely shape. The wings fade out softly in the pen and the watercolor is used to […]

Day 44- Watercolor a day

November 17, 2015 Tracy 0

“Birch Forest”- forests seem so quiet and peaceful This painting has gradation of color in the background to give what started as a black and […]

Day 42- Watercolor a day

November 15, 2015 Tracy 0

“Hummingbird Stainglass” – hummingbirds and tropical spring flowers with new life in the nest. I wanted to do another stainglass and also a picture with […]

Day 41- Watercolor a day

November 14, 2015 Tracy 0

“Blue Butterfly” – butterflies have some of the most vivid colors for insects with bright greens and blues. I wanted to work with splatter on […]

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