“Operation: Eradicate” Released

Get “Operation: Eradicate”

Icon@2x1We at Skejo Studios are very excited about our pending launch of our first iOS game title, “Operation: Eradicate” on Sunday, Feb 26th, that we are giving away over 10 copies of the game for free.  With three ways to enter, lots of chances to win. Get a chance for a FREE copy of the game any of three different ways:

1) Be one of the top three referrers to our mailing list at Skejo.com  (TOP person also will also be placed in the credits!!)

2) Follow us on Twitter at Twitter.com (Five random followers will get free game)

3) Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com (Five random Likers will get free game)

We look forward to announcing the winners this Sunday.

Greg and the Skejo Studios team.

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