Block You Released

Block You Released

Icon@2xWe at Skejo Studios are pleased to announce the release of our free-to-play title Block You, the addictive stacked matching game, challenging you from a new direction.

In Block You, build cubes of the same color to shatter them & keep your board clear. Simple as that.

EASY TO LEARN: Get up to speed in minutes, and then play for hours.

FREE in the AppStore

Block You, the Facts (it is Free!!!)

  • Marathon, Timed and 2-Player Modes
  • iPad Retina Enable, also ready on the iPad Mini, and older iPads
  • iPhone 6 ready, along with iPhone 5 and 4(S)/iPod Retina and iPhone 3GS resolutions
  • Casual game play, with challenges for the die hard gamers
  • Intuitive One-Touch controls
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