Day 14 – Watercolor a day

October 18, 2015 Tracy 0

“Raspberry Season” – bright fruit on a colorful background. Raspberries are such tasty treats but the same bush that grows them also grows painful little […]

Day 12 – Watercolor a day

October 16, 2015 Tracy 0

“Flame” – flame over bubbles, purple light I wanted to work with backgrounds of bubbles.  I wanted to fade from purple out to black/grey on […]

Day 10 – Watercolor a day

October 14, 2015 Tracy 0

“Colorful flowers” – flowers come in so many colors and together they make beautiful bouquets. I was playing with mixing colors and having multicolored flowers.

Day 9 – Watercolor a day

October 13, 2015 Tracy 0

“Bright Bubbles” – what would happen if soap was colorful when it bubbled? I used a template and started by drawing the big circles. The […]

Day 8 – Watercolor a day

October 12, 2015 Tracy 0

“Elegant Flowers” – working on my Sharpie sketching skills to make beautiful outlines. In this watercolor, I worked on not fully painting in the lines […]

Day 7 – Watercolor a day

October 11, 2015 Tracy 0

“Unique Flowers” – each flower is distinct but together they are beautiful and make a lovely bouquet. I first drew the flower stems in Sharpie […]

Day 6 – Watercolor a day

October 10, 2015 Tracy 0

“Sun Tree” -a tree made of light and sunshine. I wanted to use very bright yellow and work on the shape of the trunk.

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