Operation Eradicate


From the ashes of the last global war, a new threat rises that threatens all people. Calling them the ‘Infected One’ or just plain Zombies matters little if they kill us all.

Operation: Eradicate is a unique cooperative turn-based strategy game that pits your wits against the zombie hordes across the planet.

Univeral App. Buy once, play on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


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What People Are Saying
“It is a unique challenge, quick to learn and difficult to master…” – Mary Ann Neder, appmodo.com
“Really impressive that the game allows you to play turn-based matches with your friends” – Mike Thompson, gamezebo.com
“The perfect marriage between the strategy of Risk and raw terror of The Walking Dead” – Andy Nicolaides, appadvice.com
Control any of five different commanders, all with unique abilities, to rid the world of the plague slowly dying monsters. It is your against the masses. Race to decimate the hordes before they overwhelm the planet. Play matches with two to four commanders on three different difficulty levels (including the No Hope! Challenge).

Key Features

  • Board Game feel, iPad looks
  • Cooperative Turn Based Strategy mechanics
  • Game Center Turn Based Multiplayer available
  • Five specialized characters to command
  • Play a 2, 3 or 4 character game for vastly different challenges
  • Includes hand drawn commissioned artwork
  • Three different Difficulty levels
  • Game Center Leader boards & Achievements
  • Multi-step tutorial to quickly learn the game

Goal – Eradicate all four regions of Zombies!
Methods – Move! Fight! Coordicate Cities! Build Airfields!