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Skejo Studios

Operation: Eradicate Debuts

We at Skejo Studios are glad to announce our debut title Operation: Eradicate, a cooperative strategy game where the player controls up to four characters across the world to beat back the spreading 'infected' hordes.

Eradicate Dev Diaries

Greg has started the development diaries for our first game project, Operation: Eradicate. More will be announced regarding our hopes and dreams for this game, but in the meantime, check out the posts over on his blog. Eradicate game development diaries. The development posts mostly will give weekly snapshots of the progression of the development, as well as code snippets and technical huddles that were overcome. At times we might switch gears and talk about marketing, outreach or other non-code related items pertaining to the development of the game.

Sometime in the next month, also look for a new set of development notes coming from our original platformer idea. We are moving at a full time, full speed ahead pace.

About Skejo Studios

We formed Skejo Studios in September, 2011 as a pursuit of passion to bring great table top and platformer games to the iOS platform. We are not new or original at this task. We are not jumping at chance to make a quick game and the hope of a quick paycheck. We want to make games that we, ourselves, will play constantly. Not games made under a contract, not games made to pry a few bucks out of people for 100,000 coins to buy an extra colored shirt on an avatar. We want to make games that stand time and fads.

Skejo Studios Arrives

New studio, old story. A successful internet and iPhone engineer decides that the next stop in his career will be in designing and building iOS (and/or other mobile) games and apps. Finds a couple talented friend to join in. Not an original story, but this one starts in September, 2011, and ending hasn't been written yet.

Our Team

Skejo Studios is now just starting to soar, and we include:

Greg Holsclaw is a seven year veteran of web development and iOS programming. With three successful apps in the Apple Store and over 200,000 downloads, Greg left his six-figure engineering job to start Skejo Studios. After being the lead engineer in developing web properties and businesses valued over $2M, Greg decided he had the security and needed the freedom to pursue his own projects and ideas.

As the team lead of Skejo Studios, he does much of the heavy lifting on the development side, as well as overseeing the main business aspects of the company. When not programming, he is busy walking the dog, getting every last star in Angry Birds, or actually playing a table top game. He is also the co-founder of, a pursuit with his wife to guide dog lovers to places they can have fun with their dogs.

Tracy Holsclaw recently earned her PhD from UC Santa Cruz in Baysian Statistics and Applied Mathematics. Beyond her expertise in numerical multi-core processing, her main expertise is in statistical simulations with side-steps into machine learning algorithms. AI modeling and game design/balancing are Tracy's core contributions to Skejo Studios.