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Operation: Eradicate Updated

We at Skejo Studios are very excited that our first title, Operation: Eradicate has been updated including a new game mode. We have also updated the graphics to be iPad Retina ready.

Get it now in the AppStore.

How we made Operation: Eradicate

Recently Greg wrote two articles on the progression of the development of Operation: Eradicate and how we worked out the marketing roll out at release. Both are great reads and can be found on (both were Featured by the Editors).

Operation: Eradicate, A Look Back

Eradicate Dev Diaries

Greg has started the development diaries for our first game project, Operation: Eradicate. More will be announced regarding our hopes and dreams for this game, but in the meantime, check out the posts over on his blog. Eradicate game development diaries. The development posts mostly will give weekly snapshots of the progression of the development, as well as code snippets and technical huddles that were overcome. At times we might switch gears and talk about marketing, outreach or other non-code related items pertaining to the development of the game.

Sometime in the next month, also look for a new set of development notes coming from our original platformer idea. We are moving at a full time, full speed ahead pace.