Day 35 -Watercolor a day

November 8, 2015 Tracy 0

“Opposite Flowers” -these flowers are different but both still lovely. One of these flowers has the shading from inside out and the other from outside […]

Day 34 -Watercolor a day

November 7, 2015 Tracy 0

“Colorful Carrots” – the carrots are so bright and remind me of cooking healthy food. I usually am drawn toward flowers because I can play […]

Day 32 – Watercolor a day

November 5, 2015 Tracy 0

“White Tulip” – this tulip looks like it is bursting with pollen and life. I was working on doing something with shadow and background here.  […]

Day 29 – Watercolor a day

November 2, 2015 Tracy 0

“Purple Tulip” – flowers are such beautiful natural things. I like painting flowers because it allows me to explore a lot of color combinations that […]

Day 28 – Watercolor a day

November 1, 2015 Tracy 0

“Singing Together” – this is a celebration of the birds singing together. I wanted to do more silhouette work with simple birds. I was also […]

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